At Colorado Women’s Center, we focus on helping women become the best versions of themselves. Our vision is making the world a better place, one women at a time. We give women the tools, support and encouragement to discover their own empowerment from within. Women’s counseling is not about placing blame on men for the challenges women face. Women’s counseling is about empowering women to discover their incredible beauty, so that they are able to act from a place of truth and confidence. From this place, women will be able to find a proper balance between caring for self and others. From this place, women will learn to accept themselves for all that they are–both good and bad. From this place, women will be able to shine all of the parts they treasure most, without shame.

Women are prone to worry and self-blame, because they often view themselves as failures when they aren’t able to live up to the external messages from society. This form of low self-esteem can cause loneliness, depression, addiction, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), work-life-balance issues, and distorted body image.

Women face many conflicting messages in regard to living a full and satisfying life–messages concerning what they should think, how they should look, how they should act, how they should parent, and who they should be. Women put so much importance on these messages that they often get caught up in trying to attain them–even if they are unattainable. And with all of the external noise and chaos, listening to one’s inner voice and deep intuition can be difficult. Therefore, many women struggle with feelings of shame, self-doubt, guilt, and unworthiness–all of which can lead to more serious issues.  

If you are a woman reading this, please know that you shouldn’t shine less because you are afraid of how your light will affect others. That would be such a disservice to the world. You should be proud of who you are in all of your beauty and imperfections. It’s okay to walk with your head held high. It’s okay to laugh out loud. It’s okay to dress in whatever way makes you feel beautiful. It’s okay to look different. By projecting your love and security, you are able to show others how to do the same. You owe it to yourself and everyone you encounter to act in your truest nature.

Women’s therapy addresses women’s issues with a sense of understanding and compassion. This form of women’s therapy and counseling is designed to honor the independent and collective female needs within an individual. By developing self-awareness and acceptance, one is able to recognize these characteristics in others. True self-esteem takes work. It has to be built. It takes persistence, forgiveness, and acceptance, but it is very possible and it is so worth it, because self-acceptance is the key to life satisfaction!

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