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Girls Empowerment Groups in Longmont

How do we raise our girls to feel worthy? Worthy of good friends, worthy of healthy relationships, worthy of speaking their minds and being heard. Girls today face many obstacles to claiming their worth and power. They live in a society that tells them their worth is based on their external beauty. Every day they get messages that they are not thin enough, smart enough, or pretty enough to matter. In school, girls often compete with one another for popularity and lose sight of their unique gifts and talents in the process.

Here at Colorado Women’s Center, we believe that every girl deserves to feel like she belongs and matters. In fact, we understand that one of the greatest needs girls have is to belong. We offer Girls Empowerment Groups, to foster a positive and safe environment for your daughter to develop a sense of deep belonging by “getting real” with herself and her peers. So many girls suffer in silence and believe they are alone in the issues they face. When girls can come together and talk about their issues, they develop deep connections, and these connections help build confidence and self-esteem.  

This group aims to provide a safe place for girls to talk about the challenges they face while understanding and supporting one another through the process. They will learn to take social risks necessary for personal growth. Their voice matters. They will learn to speak their truth, even if their voice is shaky. Their uniqueness is a gift. They will learn what unique gifts they have and how they can courageously express them in the world. Real beauty comes from being true to oneself, rather than conforming to some external image of perfection. The girls in our groups will learn how to define beauty for themselves, while also learning to see the beauty in others.

Our Girls Empowerment Groups aim to empower our girls by building their confidence and self-esteem. Within the group they will learn about their changing bodies and how their hormones affect their mood. They will learn the language of their emotions and skills in communicating their feelings. They will explore topics like body image, shame, jealousy, friendship, social media, bullying, and self care. The social skills they practice within the group will support them in navigating the social issues they face outside of the group. And, this will serve them as they develop into empowered and confident young women.

The therapists and counselors at Colorado Women’s Center, understand that true power starts from within. We also recognize that when girls learn to work in collaboration instead of competition, they can truly change the world. The Girls Empowerment Group encourages girls to build a deeper connection with themselves through mindfulness practices and exercise, designed to be fun and interactive. This process group digs deep and explores the vulnerable aspects to being a girl in our current culture, while also providing an environment for girls to play and have fun supporting one another through the process.

We offer weekly groups that run throughout the school year as well as day camp intensives that are offered during summer breaks. Contact Colorado Women’s Center to enroll your daughter today!

Contact Colorado Women’s Center to enroll your daughter today!

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