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We never know how high we are till we are called to rise; 

And then, if we are true to plan, our statures touch the skies.

~ Emily Dickinson ~

Therapy and Counseling for Women.

Our Office is in Longmont, Colorado

At the Colorado Women’s Center in Longmont, Colorado, we focus on helping women find self-acceptance in order to create positive connections and make the necessary changes to move forward in life through therapy and counseling. Our center is a place that focuses on empowerment. We help women of all ages move past their internal limitations in order to be whoever they want to be. We believe anything is possible if you are willing to do the internal work that is necessary for positive transformation.

Do you struggle with insecurity? Are you preoccupied with other’s people’s opinions of you? Do you run yourself into the ground in order to please others, only to feel exhausted and resentful in the end? Do you hustle for your worthiness? Do you question if you are worthy of love or belonging? Do you question whether you are capable of success? Do you rely on your outer appearance to get by or do you hate your outer appearance? Are you afraid to age? Are you indecisive? Is it hard for you to receive compliments? Are you resentful that you aren’t receiving any compliments? Do you feel the need to blame others for your suffering? Or, do you consistenly take all of the blame?

These are all very common issues that women face every day. We work hard, we love hard, we protect our young, we build and maintain our household, we break glass ceilings, and… we often self-abandon. Eventually, we see that this pattern will never serve us. It is only when we learn to develop self-compassion and self-care that we thrive along with our loved ones.

At Colorado Women’s Center we offer group therapy, workshops and individual counseling to help you become the best version of yourself! This starts by letting go of the opinions of others, and learning how to walk through life with confidence and ease. We can help you find acceptance in your flaws and imperfections. No human is perfect, so you can stop trying. You will make mistakes and that’s simply part of this journey. Holding shame for your mistakes will never undo them–It will only cause you to give your power away. At Colorado Women’s Center, we believe that the way to hold onto your power is by taking ownership for your faults, letting go of shame, practicing self-forgiveness, and moving forward! We believe in growth! And, we believe in you!

The work of changing the world starts from within! The therapists at our Center understand this, because we, too continue to do our own, personal work. This is why we are able to help you–we walk our talk! And, we know that if you want to change your external circumstances, you must first look internally. Are you ready to find control over your happiness again? Are you ready to create a better life for yourself? We can help you develop a positive relationship with your body, mind, and spirit. We can help you become your own best friend. And, it is this that will allow you to control your own reality. You don’t have to give your power away anymore. It is time for you to be the dictator of your own sense of belonging, joy, and success.

If you are ready to unravel the negative thought patterns, make friends with your inner critic, and live life fully and unapologetically, Colorado Women’s Center is the place for you! We are deeply passionate about helping women thrive. We are committed to your healing, and your growth. And, we have the experience and knowledge to guide you to a better you!

Contact the Colorado Women’s Center today to schedule an appointment in our Longmont office with one of our counselors and therapists and begin to discover your feminine power and freedom!



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